Kerstin Eden played 'Innocent Slap'

elmart newsKerstin Eden (abstract, Naked Lunch) dropped Peat Noise's track 'Innocent Slap' in the Original version on her gig @ Y-Club (Kufstein - Austria, 06.06.2014). This great track is released on the 12th of October 2014. Check Kerstin's great set!!
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Kerstin Eden @ Y-Club Kufstein
Innocent Slap @ Beatport
written on 2014/09/26


elmart news[ELMA048] is hosted by DJ, producer and 'Naughty Pills' label owner Peat Noise. He continues with another great single on elmart records, after his success with hard driving remixes. 'Innocent Slap' will be released on 12th of August 2014.
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Innocent Slap @ Beatport
written on 2014/08/12

Technoton featured a elmart article

elmart newsThe new and uprising Austrian music magazine 'Technoton' featured a great elmart article in the latest episode. We would like to thank the whole Technoton crew for their support.
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elmart article @ Technoton
Technoton July Edition
written on 2014/07/01

A newborn 'elmart - electronic music art'

elmart newsAfter 9 years of successful business in music industry, 'elmart - electronic music art' decided to rethink its strategy and business model. All artists are going to benefit from higher distribution / marketing efforts as well as increased A&R management
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elmart podcast
elmart website
written on 2014/04/13

OUT NOW: Twist3d - Submerged EP inkl. Ronan Teague & Stockhammer

elmart news[ELMA041] is hosted by Bunk3r R3cords owner Twist3d. His new EP called 'Submerged' is released on 7th of January 2014. Beside the originals there are remixes of Dynamo Records Co-owner Ronan Teague and elmart member Stockhammer included. Grab your copy!!
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Submerged @ Beatport
written on 2014/01/07

Another 15 news posts by Stockhammer you see here!

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