Twist3d - Submerged EP

1: Twist3d - Submerged (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410141
2: Twist3d - Shadow Factory (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410142
3: Twist3d - Shadow Factory (Ronan Teague Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410143
4: Twist3d - Submerged (Stockhammer Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410144
Cat.Nr.: ELMA041
Releasedate: 2014/01/07
Download at:

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Mirko Trastus (Radio Corsaro) (2013/12/01)
beatiful EP !!
Michael Kruck (2013/12/01)
Nice package! Submerged Original and Shadow Factory Ronan Teague Remix are the ones for me! Will play for sure... Thanks!
Ronan Teague (2013/12/01)
Great Ep lads :-)
Marco Piangiamore (2013/12/01)
Ronan Teague remix for me. Great work as always!
Twist3d (2013/12/01)
Thx for this great release ;)
Mike Absolom (2013/12/01)
Ronan Teague for me… Bomb…;)
Nogales Lozano (2013/12/02)
Great support ;-))
Tom Gotti (2013/12/02)
shadow factory(original)!!! cool package thx
F.Akissi & M.Akissi (2013/12/02)
All tracks are great ! Big support, thx :)
Forest People (2013/12/02)
Zombiein Progress (2013/12/02)
Nice EP. Support
Positive Merge (2013/12/02)
nice EP
Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global) (2013/12/02)
downloading for :)
Richard Denes 'Hiab' (2013/12/02)
Ronan Tague is simply awesome! Will play it for Sure!
Vegim Hashimi (2013/12/02)
Ronan remix is beast.
Primal Beat (2013/12/03)
Nice stuff! Ronan Teague remix For Us! Support from Primal Beat
Efector (2013/12/04)
nice one.....
DJ Millhouse (Wired Up Radio Show) (2013/12/05)
Ronan Teague remix for me thanks
Roman Kramer (2013/12/05)
(Sumerged original) & Shadow factory (Ronan Teague Rmx) are the ones for me ! I will test ;-) Thx
Horn Porn (2013/12/05)
on my Next set!! great stuff and thanx
Dimitri Motofunk (2013/12/05)
great EP! full support!!
Mr. Jones (2013/12/06)
I like the "Submerged" original mix the most of this ep,.Dark and heavy bass,. thanks
Blind Spot Radioshow (Dr. Hoffmann) (2013/12/06)
Cool stuff, Ronan's remix is my fav. thanks
Sync Therapy (2013/12/09)
nice ep !! roman winner !!
Du'Art (2013/12/12)
Good Work !! ;)
Miniminds (2013/12/12)
All nice tracks!!
Ortin Cam (2013/12/13)
Good job, like all 4. Will be playing these out the coming weeks
Robert Stahl (2013/12/16)
Nice EP....Ronan Teague Rmx for me
Alex Lemar (2013/12/16)
shadow factory in both versions for me :)
Andreas Florin (We call it hard) (2013/12/17)
Ronan Teague Remix for me.Will test.
Pierre Deutschmann (2013/12/17)
nice originals... i ll try them out .. thx
Kostas Maskalides (2013/12/17)
Roman Teague Remix 4 me!
Oliver Kucera (2013/12/17)
Nice ep, liking Submerged (Original mix)the most
Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2013/12/18)
Strong release. Submerged Original and the Teague Remix for me
M.I.D.I. (2013/12/22)
Submerged (Original Mix) sounds great!
Frank Savio (2013/12/24)
Shadow Factory (Ronan Teague Remix) for me, thanks!
Dave the Drummer (Henry Cullen) (2014/01/01)
The Ronan Teague mix is the one for me
Nicolas Bacher (2014/01/16)
great tracks!
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2014/01/28)
wicked release.

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