Peat Noise - Innocent Slap

1: Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410176
2: Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Martyn Hare Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410177
3: Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Amir Razanica) 
     ISRC: ATE771410178
4: Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Stockhammer Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771410179
Cat.Nr.: ELMA048
Releasedate: 2014/08/12
Download at:

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Alex Lemar (2014/07/09)
Martyn Hare remix for me - thx!!
VEGIM (2014/07/09)
Amir Razanica remix is the one for me. Will play it loud.
Robert Stahl (2014/07/09)
Amir Razanica Mix for me...THX
Primal Beat (2014/07/09)
Massive stuff! Amir remix and Original one for Primal Beat! Support
Reiter Rene (2014/07/09)
Bomb!!!! will play it this weekend in london ;)
14anger (2014/07/09)
Martyn Hare + Amir Razanica remixes for me, thanks !! Full support !
Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global) (2014/07/09)
downloading for :)
Mike Humphries (2014/07/11)
always good promos. cheers
Sync Therapy (2014/07/11)
thx !! amir razanica for us !!:)
Paul Spectrum ( (2014/07/12)
Many thanks top release as always
Spiros Kaloumenos (2014/07/12)
Amir Razanica remix works for me !
A-Brothers (2014/07/13)
interesting stuff. will test this. thanks!!
Zombiein Progress (2014/07/15)
Original & Stockhammer remix for me. Thaanks
DJ DanDi & Ugo (2014/07/15)
great work
BrettHit (2014/07/15)
Amir Razanica Rmx for me!
AMOK (2014/07/22)
Amir Razanica works for me!
3Phazegenerator (2014/07/22)
Martyn Hare remix..nicely spiced!!
Marco Piangiamore (2014/07/23)
Stockhammer and Amir Razanica Remix for me. Thanks!
Frank Savio (2014/07/24)
Amir Razanica Remix for me, thanks!
Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2014/07/24)
Nice stuff, Amir's remix is the one for me here
Sergy Casttle (2014/07/27)
great ¡¡¡ amir rmx its a bomb ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ always good promos. cheers
Roland Fluch (Sickboy) (2014/07/28)
Stockhammer Remix for me :D
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2014/07/29)
Solid release. Thanks
Gabeen (2014/08/01)
good pack, Martyn Hare remix my fav,thx
Marika Rossa (2014/08/06)
loved Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Amir Razanica)
Dimitri Motofunk (2014/08/10)
nice! support!!
Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2014/08/12)
Nice work throughout. Amir's stands out for me though. Full support

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