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Michael Walgram, born and still living in Steyr, started his DJ career at the age of nineteen. At that time he was dj-ing at small private parties, heating up the vibes with commercial beats. The artist Mike Turrento was born. However, he soon started to alter his style and went from commercial music to fine, chilly, yet pumping and pounding Tribal Techno. He is especially known for enriching his sounds with numerous sound effects using different equipment.

The hype of “Minimal Techno” did not alter his individual style, yet he tried to combine Minimal and Classic Techno with Breakbeats. Through adding Skillbreaks, Speedbreaks, Scratches and Spins, he managed to find the perfect mixture and created outstanding Classic Breakbeat Techno Sets.

After hard years of training he is now working on his first self-produced tracks combining Classical Techno and Breakbeat.
His first release (ELMA002) was in the Top10 of Techno legend Dave Clarke and Ben Sims

His second single 'Diving' (ELMA003) was played in live sets as well as Dave Clarke's radio show 'White Noise'. Mike Turrento already did a few remixes, e.g. for DJ Kamikaze's track 'Fat Funk Flav' which got huge support by many international DJs.

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