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The Upper Austrian youngster has been addicted to electronic music since his early youth.

He started his DJ career with the age of 15 and after two years of practice, Alex Lemar finally arrived at the electronic music style House. In following years, he invested a lot of time and energy in perfecting his mixing skills and changing his sound from commercial house beats to uncommerical Techhouse and straight Techno sounds.

In 2008, he was offered the opportunity to support the Austrian labels ‘elmart’ and ‘HouseArt’ as assistant. Alex took the opportunity to get an insight into the DJ, label and recording business. First DJ gigs as opening act at various events followed.

In 2009, Alex Lemar convinced several club owners through his performance on stage and was offered jobs as resident DJ. Moreover, he immersed himself in the music production and produced his first tracks.

Alex took over more and more responsibilities in managing ‘elmart’. Due to his engagement and will to perfect he raised the popularity of the record label and built up relationships with many well known national and international artists.

He produced different remixes and releases for labels like Heavy Snatch Records, Naughty Pills Records, Gobsmacked Rec, We Call It Hard Germany and elmart. Therefore he worked with artists like Space DJz, Martyn Hare, Robert Stahl, Peat Noise, Stockhammer and many others.

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