Tom Barkley

'...not just in the club culture one of the hottest DJ's...'

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Tom Barkley @ Hangover Clubbing 2011

Tanz in der Halle | Captain Morgan Show

Tom Barkley @ RR Party 2010
Tom Barkley played his upcoming track 'Waldgeist' on an event. The track will be released on 8th of June 2010 on HouseArt records.

Hypnotic Club Night @ Cameo Club

Tom Barkley @ TidH Festival 2009
HouseArt DJ Tom Barkley played at TidH festival 2009. He rocked the crowd and played his latest release 'Must Be Swedish'. Check it out.

Tom Barkley @ RR Party 2009

Joaquin Phunk and I were invited by Upper Austrian TV station 'LT1' to talk about their new single 'Unleashed'.

TV reportage
HouseArt DJ Tom Barkley played at club Hekkenfeldt in Denmark on the 10th of April. The Austrian TV station LT1 reported about him and interviewed his colleague Tommy Scott, a Danish star DJ and producer.

Tom Barkley @ LustHouse

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