If you produce your own, unique House or Techno music and are looking for a reliable and stable business partner in Austria to release your sound, feel free to send us three or four of your demo tracks and a short description of you by e-mail (info[at]elmart.eu) or mail.
We will, of course, reply as soon as possible!
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elmart records - electronic music art

By popular request for a reliable non-commercial platform for regional artists from the surrounding of Steyr, Linz, Wels and Voecklabruck in Upper Austria, Christoph Elmer decided to establish the label 'elmart - electronic music art' in 2005.

In 2007 Joaquin Phunk and Mike Absolom entered the label to form "elmart" new. In 2008 Christoph Elmer signed the two talents Mike Turrento and Tom Barkley. Furthermore, to support increasing business needs, Alex Lemar was engaged for marketing and A&R purposes.

After eight years of successful business in music industry, "elmart - electronic music art" decided to rethink its strategy and business model. One decision was made on elmart's sublabel HouseArt, which released unique House music by Austrian artists. HouseArt's operational business was shut down on the 1st of January 2014. According this change, Joaquin Phunk decided to break up business with "elmart" and to focus on his career.

Year by year, "elmart" grew to be an active member of the international Techno music scene releasing tracks by renowned artists from around the globe. In 2014, with a focus on strengthening this position, Christoph Elmer decided to put all our energy into Techno music and with this, into main label "elmart - electronic music art". National and international artists are going to benefit from higher distribution and marketing efforts as well as increased A&R management.

The individual, special style of making music still characterizes our national and international artists and at the same time it become the central feature of "elmart". By the creativity of our artists we try to avoid becoming just one nameless part of the mass, we want to reshuffle the music market and give young ambitious artists the chance to fulfil their dreams.

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