Various Artists
elmart Wave Collection Part 3
1:  Mike Turrento - The Bullet (Alex Lemar 2014 Rework)
2:  Chris Maquun - Random Park (Original Mix)
3:  C-System - Arde (Original Mix)
4:  Sceptical C - SWA (Original Mix)
5:  14anger - Fire Circles (Original Mix)
6:  Twist3d - Step by Step (Original Mix)
7:  Mario Memoli - Equivoco 1 (Original Mix)
8:  Trysh Alexander - Classical Kuiper belt object (Original Mix)
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COMING SOON: Stevie Wilson & Danny Smith - Vortex EP

elmart news[ELMA053] is hosted by a DJ and producer duo from Scotland – Stevie Wilson & Danny Smith. Their new ’Vortex’ EP will be released on 10th of March 2015. Make sure to check the previews on Youtube or our Homepage!!
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written on 2015/01/20


elmart newsDownload yet another new and exclusive cooperation free track by our elmart artists Alex Lemar and Tom Barkley. Beside this great free track Alex will also feature a remix of Stevie Wilson and Danny Smith's track 'Vortex' in one of our upcoming releases.
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elmart @ Beatport
written on 2014/12/24

OUT NOW: elmart Wave Collection Part3

elmart newselmart Records proudly presents 'elmart Wave Collection part 3' [ELMA052] which is released on 16th of December 2014. Check this great selection with tracks by Alex Lemar, Sceptical C, Twist3d, Mario Memoli and many more!!
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elmart Wave Collection Part 3 @ Beatport
written on 2014/12/16

elmart podcast # 58 mixed by Drumcomplex

elmart newselmart podcast # 58 is featured by DJ and producer duo Drumcomplex. They will be also included in one of our upcoming releases 2015 and because of this fact we are glad to have them on our podcast episode to. Check this great mix!!
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Drumcomplex @ Beatport
written on 2014/11/16
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