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Peat Noise
Innocent Slap
1:  Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Original Mix)
2:  Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Martyn Hare Remix)
3:  Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Amir Razanica)
4:  Peat Noise - Innocent Slap (Stockhammer Remix)
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elmart news[ELMA048] is hosted by DJ, producer and 'Naughty Pills' label owner Peat Noise. He continues with another great single on elmart records, after his success with hard driving remixes. 'Innocent Slap' will be released on 12th of August 2014.
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Innocent Slap @ Beatport
written on 2014/08/12

Stefan Czech dropped 'Grey Scale' - A-Brothers Remix

elmart newsStefan Czech dropped our Space DJz track 'Grey Scale' in the A-Brothers Remix version on his gig @ Das Fest 2014!
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Stefan Czech dropped 'Grey Scale' - A-Brothers Remix
Space DJz - Grey Scale (A-Brothers Remix)
written on 2014/07/30

elmart podcast # 54 mixed by Sceptical C

elmart newselmart podcast # 54 is featured by our great friend Sceptical C. Scep also released on our elmart Wave Collection Part 1 his track 'After School' and remixed also two tracks of Mike Turrento. Check it out and play it loud!!
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Sceptical C @ beatport
written on 2014/07/28

elmart podcast # 53 mixed by Maria Goetz

elmart newselmart podcast # 53 is featured by Maria Goetz. Beside Fnoob and DI.FM our elmart podcast episode is available on itunes, mixcloud, play.fm, soundcloud as well as on our official elmart Homepage. Check out and support the massive Techno mix!!
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Electricity (Angel Alanis & Maria Goetz Remix)
written on 2014/07/02
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