Diarmaid O'Meara - Standing Around Looking Foxy EP

1: Diarmaid O'Meara - Standing Around Looking Foxy (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771610206
2: Diarmaid O Meara - A Walk In The Park(Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771610207
3: Diarmaid O Meara - DFX1 (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771610208
Cat.Nr.: ELMA056
Releasedate: 2016/03/31
Download at:

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Alex Lemar (2016/02/22)
Standing Around Looking Foxy is outstanding!! Will Play!!
F.Akissi & M.Akissi (2016/02/22)
Big release from Diarmaid O'Meara, like it ! Support
Tom Gotti (2016/02/22)
A walk in the Park is my fav
Zombiein Progress (2016/02/23)
DFX1 & Standing around looking foxy my favs, great traxx, will play fo sure.
Joseph Capriati (2016/02/23)
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Nogales Lozano (2016/02/23)
Good stuff here,thanks ;-))
Dave the Drummer (Henry Cullen) (2016/02/25)
Full support!
14anger (2016/02/25)
Yes !
Efector (2016/02/26)
good stuff nice release
Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global) (2016/02/27)
Will try out. Thanks for the music, downloading for Steve'Butch'Jones presents Something Global (radio show / podcast). Check www.SomethingGlobal.com for plays.
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2016/03/02)
Solid Release. Thanks!
Gabeen (2016/03/03)
nice release, thx!
Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2016/03/07)
Not quite my style but DFX1 is nice, will try out
Twist3d (2016/03/09)
Standing Around Looking Foxy (Original Mix) for me, thx...strong release !!
Kev Boustead (FNOOB Techno Radio Schedule Manager) (2016/03/09)
DFX1 is a BANGER great stuff !!! BIG thx :)
Horn Porn (2016/04/25)

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