Nicolas Bacher - Olympia

1: Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310089
2: Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Andre Walter aka Stigmata) 
     ISRC: ATE771310090
3: Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Peat Noise Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310091
4: Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Sync Therapy Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310092
5: Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Mike Turrento Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310093
Cat.Nr.: ELMA030
Releasedate: 2013/04/16
Download at:

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Dario Sorano (2013/03/26)
Hi Elmart, great Ep...
My Fav.
Nicolas Bacher - Olympia (Andre Walter aka Stigmata)
Johan Lecander (DI.FM) (2013/03/27)
Strong EP. Andrew Walter and Peat Noise remixes stands out for me. Full support in our techno channel
Ronan Teague (2013/03/27)
Awesome EP, full support, all are great :-)
Vegim Hashimi (2013/03/27)
Sync Therapy remix is the one for me. Great.
Marco Piangiamore (2013/03/27)
Great realease! Original for me... Nicolas perfect as always.
Bruno Ledesma (2013/03/27)
Great EP, nice tracks here but Sync Therapy remix is my fav. Thanks!
TWIST3D (2013/03/27)
Strong release with excellent remixes…Support !!
Paul Spectrum ( (2013/03/27)
Peat Noise and Mike Turrento would be great playing out
Robert Stahl (2013/03/27)
great stuff....Andre Walter Rmx for me
Sam Paganini (Cocoon / Drumcode) (2013/03/27)
Nice Release! (Stigmata rmx) my fav but all tracks are good. Downloading thanks
Nogales Lozano (2013/03/27)
Quality ;-)) thanks ;-))
Balkonkind (2013/03/27)
colle ep wieder mal !!!!

Peat Noise & Sync Therapy rmx are the best !

Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global) (2013/03/27)
downloading for :)
DJ Millhouse (Wired Up Radio Show) (2013/03/27)
Great ep will support a few especially like the Sync Therapie Remix
C-System (2013/03/27)
Meiko (2013/03/27)
very nice release. andre walter remix is my fav! thx
Dimitri Motofunk (2013/03/28)
full support! great EP! thanks! Dimitri Motofunk
Miniminds (2013/03/28)
Nice release. All great!
Alex Lemar (2013/03/28)
Andre Walter Remix for me!! It\'s a banger!!
Electrorites (2013/03/29)
Great EP...Stigmata and Sync Therapy remix are my fav!
Peat Noise (2013/03/29)
Andre Walter Rockz!!!
Volt & Vintage (2013/03/29)
very nice release, hard to pick a fav, but Andre Walter Remix is a bomb .... and must say Sync Therapy is very interesting groove
Horn Porn (2013/03/30)
Great release .
Stevie Wilson (2013/04/01)
Great Ep

Peat Noise remix os my fav

Full Support
Stefano Infusino (2013/04/01)
great package, i will test! thx
Reinier Zonneveld (2013/04/01)
great release... will try for sure.. peat noise and andre walter remixes are my favs
Ryuji Takeuchi (2013/04/03)
andre walter remix for me. support.
Martin Kremser (2013/04/03)
cool release, mr walters' rmx for me. thx!
Jeff Ferguson (2013/04/04)
STIGMATA sounds best for me and I'll be giving it a play as well as with some of the others . All tunes sound great for this release
Spiros Kaloumenos (2013/04/04)
Andre Walter & Sync Therapy remixes !!!
Tom Gotti (2013/04/04)
cool stuff
Zombiein Progress (2013/04/05)
Great EP ! Peat Noise & Sync Therapy best tracks. will play, support.
Dave the Drummer (Henry Cullen) (2013/04/06)
Sounding good !!!
Sisko Electrofanatik (2013/04/08)
cool one support!
Luke Creed (2013/04/08)
Thanks for this.. watch wired up for support
Dave the Drummer (Henry Cullen) (2013/04/12)
Loving Andre Walters Mix, he really is the man!
Michael Schwarz (2013/04/12)
Nice stuff... THANKS! :)
Diarmaid O'Meara (2013/04/12)
Definitely Playing :)
Frank Savio (2013/04/12)
Andre Walter & Sync Therapy Remixes for me, Bombs !!! thanks...
Yari Greco (2013/04/16)
Liquid Sky (2013/04/27)
i go with the stigmata mix
Digital FM (2013/04/30)
Nice EP!
Alex Mayer (2013/04/30)
The original is very good track, Sync Therapy remix for me, overall great Ep!
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2013/04/30)
solid release!
D'Jamency (Skryptöm/Freshin/Neverending) (2013/04/30)
Good techno EP & great remixes ;-) Big Support !! Thxx
George Lanham (2013/05/11)
goo release guys, great work

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