Roland Wiesinger - Keen EP

1: Perceptible Emotion (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110042
2: Change (Original Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110043
3: Symbiosis (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110044
Cat.Nr.: ELMA017
Releasedate: 2011/09/27
Download at:

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Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2011/08/30)
Nice EP, enjoying Change and will support in our techno channel
Nicolas Bacher (2011/09/02)
cool stuff but wont fit my sets
Thomas Green (Thomas Grinninger) (2011/09/05)
Nice tracks again! Full Support!
Rolf Mulder (2011/09/06)
Downloaded it just now, sorry I overlooked it. Symbiosis is good!
thnx for reminding me.
Eric Fischer (2011/09/06)
gefälliger oldksooltechno der seine fans finden wird. support no da ich die art von techno nicht mehr spiele aber deswegen ist die produktion trotzdem gut, speziell die symbiosis hat guten metallischen flair ala bergheimsounds. weiter so!
Mike Ban (2011/09/06)
great EP!!!
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2011/09/09)
Nice stuff.
Dave the Drummer (Henry Cullen) (2011/09/14)
Cool tracks, old skool millsian vibe but up to date, like it
thanks for sending.
Bon Spengler (A&R Proton Radio) (2011/09/21)
nice drive!
George Lanham (2011/09/25)
good release mate. Change is a great track

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