Pasquale Maassen - Renamed I Remix EP

1: Understand (Mind Games Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110036
2: Understand (Michael Ganero & Gaetano Verdi Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110037
3: Understand (Martin Kremser Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110038
4: Rebirth (Mike Turrento Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771110039
Cat.Nr.: ELMA015
Releasedate: 2011/05/03
Download at:

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Rolf Mulder (2011/04/12)
Mike Turrento's remix has got the accelerated funk
Johan Nilsson (2011/04/13)
Enjoying Michael Ganero and Gaetano Verdi Remix. Will support!
Dave the Drummer (2011/04/13)
I like it, great tracks thanks for sending.
Brian Taaffe (2011/04/19)
Nice Package, All good tracks, Thanks
Steen (from Spiriakos and Steen) (2011/04/21)
good work thnx
Diarmaid O Meara (2011/04/26)
Elmart is churning out some great releases lately. This is one of them. Excellent!
Paul Mac (2011/04/27)
Mind Games Remix for me sounds like it will be useful. Thanks
Dave Clarke (2011/04/27)
Turrento throws in fierce remix, Great!
Chris Liebing (2011/05/02)
Mike Absolom (2011/05/27)
Really like the Mind Games Remix...:-)
Great Groove on Turrentos mix... Great Package

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