Mike Turrento - Grow Horn

1: Mike Turrento - Grow Horn (Original Mix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310115
2: Mike Turrento - Grow Horn (Trust The Machine Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310116
3: Mike Turrento - Grow Horn (Oliver Kucera Industrial Remake) 
     ISRC: ATE771310117
4: Mike Turrento - Grow Horn (Sceptical C Remix) 
     ISRC: ATE771310118
Cat.Nr.: ELMA036
Releasedate: 2013/08/27
Download at:

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Marco Piangiamore (2013/07/22)
Original for me. Great Mike!
Twist3d (2013/07/22)
Nice release, Original & Trust The Machine Remix are fav !!
Lia Organa (2013/07/22)
support i love the original
Meiko (2013/07/22)
very good original mix. thx
Albert Kraner (2013/07/22)
Sick EP!Oliver Kucera for me!
F.Akissi & M.Akissi (2013/07/22)
Wow, great release, Trust The Machine remix and Sceptical C remix for us, thx
Forest People (2013/07/22)
Ronan Teague (2013/07/22)
Oliver Kucera remix for me full support :-)
Robert Stahl (2013/07/23)
Thx original for me
Mirko Trastus (Radio Corsaro) (2013/07/23)
very good :D
Dario Sorano (2013/07/23)
Hi alex, tha again...its a best ep..Original is my fav..
Stefano Infusino (2013/07/23)
Will try for sure! full support! thx
Steve 'Butch' Jones (Something Global) (2013/07/23)
downloading for www.SomethingGlobal.com :)
Mattias Fridell (2013/07/23)
Support for Oliver Kucera Industrial Remake
Vegim Hashimi (2013/07/23)
Original is the one for me.
DJ Millhouse (Wired Up Radio Show) (2013/07/23)
All over this EP Trust the machine and Kucera remixes are ace will support on show and live, thanks
Nicolas Bacher (2013/07/23)
Grow Horn Original Mix is saugeil!!
Tanz Organelle (2013/07/24)
Trust The Machine Remix is quality
Gabeen (2013/07/24)
banging tune! real techno tracks,amazing remixes!!!!! thx
C-System (2013/07/24)
Trust the machine remix is totally top!!
Sync Therapy (2013/07/24)
great ep thx !!!
Trust The Machine remix for us ;)
A-Brothers (2013/07/25)
interesting release. thanks!
Frank Savio (2013/07/26)
will try the original, thanks!
Tosi (2013/07/26)
Heaviness!!!! Trust the machine remix will be played loudly ! Thanks alot for package
DavidChristoph (2013/07/28)
thx for the promo, will play it
Johan Nilsson - DI.FM (2013/07/29)
Another fine release. Will support in our techno channel
Giorgio Rusconi (2013/07/29)
CooL ep !!
TECHNOTWINS (2013/07/29)
good work!
Dimitri Motofunk (2013/07/29)
nice EP! full support thanks!
Martin Kremser (2013/07/30)
great ep, thx!
Balkonkind (2013/07/30)
coole ep
play them out for sure
Mike Vaeth (2013/07/31)
good techno
Dave Clarke (2013/07/31)
Trust the Machine is killing those machines
Sceptical C (2013/07/31)
Thanks for the promo. Will try all tracks when fittable in my set. This is always an on the fly decision so if supported, you will know.
Patrick DSP (Patrick Gharapetian) (2013/08/02)
solid release thanks guys.
Alex Lemar (2013/08/04)
huge package!!
Andreas Florin (We call it hard) (2013/08/17)
BrettHit (2013/09/08)
Original for me
Tom Gotti (2013/10/03)
thanks, trust the machine remix for me

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