elmart podcast # 58 mixed by Drumcomplex

elmart podcast # 58 is featured by DJ and producer duo Drumcomplex. They will be also included in one of our upcoming releases 2015 and because of this fact we are glad to have them on our podcast episode to. Who has not at some point asked the question 'How complex can Techno be?'As far as Drumcomplex is concerned, the answer must be: Techno can reach a degree of complexity that gets the utmost out of studio work and live performances through a perfect division of work – and has been doing so for the past ten years and more. This is also reflected in the discography: These two cover a range of prestigious Techno and TechHouse labels that would have others drooling: MB Elektronics, Phobiq, Different is Different Records, Toolroom Records, Railyard Recordings, Resopal Schallware, Definition Records, SK Supreme Records or Intec.
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Drumcomplex @ Beatport
written on 2014/11/16
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